Twenty years of experience in what working parents and carers want and need

We work closely with parent and family networks, wellbeing networks, carer networks and other business resource groups to deliver the best seminars, webinars, clinics and themed events.

  • Over 40 leading experts in the fields of parenting, sleep, education, technology, mental health, well-being, fitness, ageing and relationships.
  • Over two hundred seminars/webinars which can be tailored to your needs and areas of interest. Practical, high-impact content.
  • We work with you to promote the talks, improve engagement and encourage attendance.

An interesting insight into discrimination and prejudice in everyday life, with tips on how we can challenge others (as well as our own) prejudices.


Really inspiring. I have talked about it to my daughter (15) and she agreed with almost everything – she had to disagree at some point!


Please could we have more seminars from this company on other topics – that would be the only improvement.


It was interesting to hear other people’s experiences and realise you’re not the only one with problems.


Expertise in discovering and nurturing the best speakers and experts

  • Each speaker is carefully vetted before being added to our portfolio. We search out the best in the field, observe them presenting and then work with them to develop exclusive topics.
  • We actively seek feedback from our clients after every event.
  • We introduce in new speakers and topics throughout the year to keep our offer fresh and topical.

Knowledge and experience in supporting networks

  • Twenty years of experience in setting up, developing and growing family/carer/parent networks or business resource groups
  • We work with leading banks, law firms, media and technology companies, consultancies and industrials.
  • Seamless seminar and webinar organisation
  • Based on our knowledge of booking history and audience numbers we can tell you what is popular and guide you to help engage and grow your network.

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