Practical, easy to implement, evidence-based seminars, webinars and clinics for working parents

Our seminars, webinars and clinics provide:

  • Practical parenting tips, tools and techniques to help manage family life’s challenges
  • Networking opportunities with other parents for support and sharing of experiences
  • The time and space to step back from the daily routine and develop a vision for the family life they want
  • Knowledge about child development and what children need to thrive

* Not only for working parents…

Our seminars on caring, balance and boundaries, wellbeing and mental health can be aimed at your whole working community with a broader reach based on your specifications.


Our speaker was fantastic. Huge energy, really engaging and clearly knows her topic inside and out. The audience really liked her, and I thought her approach was a great balance of the scientific and the practical.


The speaker was so knowledgeable, incredible how many subjects were covered and it was really easy to digest the information. It made me aware of the issues for the elderly, and made me think how I need to plan my own retirement.


This was the first event to take place during our Diversity Awareness Month and it was a great start the month’s activities. He was a great speaker who managed to tackle a rather depressing issue in a really engaging way…I certainly didn’t think I would be laughing…or crying for that matter!


Of the feedback we received, the speaker received 100% at ‘excellent’…What really came through in the quant feedback was how clear, knowledgeable and informative she was; they learnt a lot in a short space of time.


We wanted to extend our warmest thanks for an excellent seminar today on emotional resilience attended by 120 people. You’ve left us with very pragmatic tools and techniques and the case studies and real life examples really brought this to life and made for a very enjoyable hour.


Thank you so much for helping to organise yesterday’s session. The feedback we have received has been incredible, so many positive comments… back on the floor it was such a positive vibe and your content really resonated


One of my colleagues from the organising committee had 3 people come up to her on the way back to her desk to say how much they enjoyed the session which is testament to how well received the session was.


Lunchtime Seminars

Lunchtime seminars are delivered on the company’s premises for the convenience of your staff.  They usually run for 60 minutes and include an interactive presentation and time for Q&A. Our speakers remain after the talk to answer individual questions.

Audience size can vary from very small to very large.

Lunchtime Webinars

Most of our lunchtime talks can also be delivered as webinars either on the company premises or off site where the invitations, hosting, recording and post event follow up is managed by The Parent Company.

Webinars work especially well for companies whose employees work in different locations or time zones or where an hour at lunchtime is not practical for many employees.


Often parents need the opportunity to have one-to-one time with a professional to discuss their own particular family situation in privacy and with complete focus. Our clinics fulfil this need.

Sessions take place in 25 minutes slots in a private room at the company’s premises. Often a speaker will run clinics either side of a lunchtime seminar.


Specialty areas our clinics cover

  • Transition back to work and work life balance
  • Sleep and your child
  • Adult sleep support
  • Childhood development
  • Family life and adolescence
  • Transforming family life to be calmer, easier and more fulfilling
  • Bringing up a bilingual child
  • Selecting schools/school problems
  • Caring for elderly relatives

National Awareness Dates

Themed talks that chime with national awareness days have added impact because of the media attention. We curate a programme of talks to fit each theme.

These include Children’s Mental Health Week, International Men’s Day, International Women’s Day, Anti Bullying Week, Wellbeing Week, Carers week, Healthy Eating week, Mental Health Awareness Week.

Bring your child to work day

Children get a glimpse into their parents’ working world, meet their colleagues, and gain a better understanding of what it is their parents actually do all day long. We arrange activities for both children and adults to make it a fun and inspiring day.

Executive Coaching for Working Parents

Our sister organisation The Working Parent Company provides executive coaching for working parents. We think working parents are remarkable. Whether they are new parents, or at a later stage of parenthood but wanting to take on new and bigger work challenges, we work with them to unlock energy and potential. With the right support, working parents can be the most motivated, resourced and ambitious leaders in your community.

We offer:

  • One-to-one depth coaching
  • Vision days
  • Group depth coaching
  • Internal coaching networks training and supervision

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