We have delivered thousands of seminars over 20 years and are known to have the best lunchtime speakers. Here is what they say about us

After twenty years in this field and thousands of seminars delivered, we have an exceptional list of long-standing clients.

“I am very happy to give fantastic feedback on today’s speaker, Not only was he very easy to listen to, he ‘hit the note’ on so many occasions and I could really relate to the things he was saying and the examples he was giving. I have taken a lot away from his presentation and am already looking at ways to introduce some changes in our lifestyle – which I am sure will be for the better.  I am really glad I attended today, many thanks.”

Slow Parenting: Raising children in a fast world

“I found the instructors insights very valuable and her willingness to help us all was very evident. Please could we have more seminars from this company on other topics – that would be the only improvement.”

Never have to ask twice!

“I thought the talk was excellent and we had a really good turnout. The speaker was really engaging and managed to find the right tone for a topic that’s obviously very sensitive and difficult to speak about openly. I’ve also had some really positive feedback from the people that attended – everyone particularly loved the bio-dots! Please could I ask you to pass on my thanks.”

Changing stress and anxiety into empowerment and reward

“Ben was an excellent speaker with years of experience in this area who delivered the talk with nice touches of humour. A good use of my lunch hour.  The insights given into specific universities and courses were useful. It’s easy enough to read about the process on the internet but his experiences in dealing with students and universities were very helpful. I also liked the way he demystified the personal statement. His practical down to earth attitude was spot on.”

The University Process – Why, where and how

“The feedback that I have received from staff have been very positive. Our HR HoD rated the seminar as first class and outstanding and just five minutes ago a colleague approached me to thank me for organising the seminar and commented on how much she enjoyed the seminar and what a good communicator you are.”

A guided tour of the English education system

“Erika’s session was so well received, people loved it, we had fantastic feedback – please do pass on our extended thanks again.”

Developing child confidence and happiness through play

The session was brilliantly received and from my perspective the speaker was great to work with. Of the feedback we received, she received 100% at ‘excellent’…What really came through in the quant feedback was how clear, knowledgeable and informative she was; they learnt a lot in a short space of time. The fact that it was an open, two-way discussion really benefited the group. Below are some lovely quotes from some of the attendees.

  • Really inspiring. I have talked about it to my daughter (15) and she agreed with almost everything- she had to disagree at some point!  
  • Thank you for this and for arranging the session. It was incredibly useful. Could you please pass on my thanks.
  • Thank you for the brilliant workshop this morning, the speaker was amazing and packed so much into an hour.  I put my hand up to be a family mentor if that helps.“

Managing the teen years

“He was incredibly informative, enthusiastic and his passion for “all things education” came across so clearly, it was infectious.  I would like to thank you for organising such an interesting, informative session and if you could pass on my thanks to Ed too that would be super.”

What parents can do to help their children succeed at school

“I wanted to write to thank you again for your talk on our ageing parents. It was the first event to take place during our Diversity Awareness Month and it was a great start the month’s activities.  We thought the talk was excellent and really struck the right balance in terms of being both informative and touching on the emotions involved in dealing with such issues. We have had some excellent feedback from attendee:

 ‘I just wanted to say how great I thought this afternoon’s session was.  It was moving, funny and informative – a great choice of speaker’

 ‘I just wanted to say that I thought today’s talk was really excellent. He was a great speaker who managed to tackle a rather depressing issue in a really engaging way…I certainly didn’t think I would be laughing…or crying for that matter!!’

 ‘I thought the lunchtime event on aging parents was fantastic though, great speaker, and very insightful – thanks very much’

Looking ahead: How to help our ageing parents

“Excellent content and well delivered. The speaker was very personable and I expect could talk for hours on various topics around parenting. I would like to see her back. The talk was focused, scientific and a modern balanced approach to parenting. It was well presented with warmth and compassion. I also liked the fact that people felt free enough to ask quite personal questions afterwards.”

The science of parenting

“Please find below the feedback from the Loss event. We had fantastic feedback about the speaker and the topic and it was a very successful event.

When asked what they liked about the event:

  • The lady invited is one of the best speakers I’ve come to see and listen to. Very good background, life examples, references, good pace, very adequate.
  • Pragmatic yet compassionate balance and lively presentation.
  • The presenter was exceptional!!
  • The expertise of the presenter shown through the examples given of different situations and the responses given to the real-life examples presented in the room by the audience
  • I think finding topics like this that are not often covered elsewhere and can focus beyond the theory is very good.

Loss and bereavement – an integral part of life

“Just wanted to provide some feedback on the session yesterday… Michael was excellent, very interesting and good content for subject. Would definitely attend a session that he was going to speak at again. I really enjoyed how the presentation was given The Dr was so knowledgeable, incredible how many subjects were covered and it was really easy to digest the information. It made me aware of the issues for the elderly, and made me think how I need to plan my own retirement, and how important it is to have quality retirement instead of just quantity.”

How to talk so parents will listen – Maintaining good relationships with older relatives and friends

“I thought the session today went extremely well, and there was a high level of engagement from participants. From my perspective, I felt it covered all of the key elements I was anticipating.  The speaker was very engaging, and very positive around what is a challenging topic. I’ve already received emails from people who attended saying how useful they found it. Please can you pass on my thanks to her.”

Supporting your teenager through life disrupting events

“Good structure and hints. Relaxed presentation. Serious topic brought across in a memorable way; will always remember ‘pleasure cat’”

Get the darned thing done – How to beat procrastination and achieve what you want when you want

“I hope you received the thanks I passed on to The Parent Company yesterday for your excellent and insightful talk.  I have received extremely positive feedback in the last 24 hours and I think we can say with confidence that the talk proved useful to our members so thank you again!”

Managing screen time and preventing screen addiction

“Further to the event we held on Grandparents, we have received some feedback as below – it was overwhelmingly positive!

  • Lots of tips on how to deal with issues around grandparents. It was interesting to hear other people’s experiences and realise you’re not the only one with problems with grandparents! I really liked the speaker and thought she had a very good knowledge of the subject and added just enough humour to subject.
  • Good speaker, encouraged discussions, chance to read out thoughts of the grandparents from a script helped to understand their point of view.
  • The lecturer was inclusive which meant people felt comfortable to ask questions

Grandparents, Parents, Children: How to make the most of the relationship

“Our speaker was fantastic. Huge energy, really engaging and clearly knows her topic inside and out. The audience really liked her, and I thought her approach was a great balance of the scientific and the practical. Initial direct feedback from attendees is supremely positive.”

Living Well: How to flourish in a high stress world

“Please could you pass on our thanks to both speakers for their brilliant Wellbeing Week talks. Both were very well received, which is largely down to how engaging they both were as speakers. I’d like to give particular thanks to Julie as this was our first time covering the importance of Social Wellbeing and she delivered exactly what I was looking for. I have no doubt that both of these topics have resonated with our audience, particularly given the context of the firm. A huge thank you to you as well for your recommendations and helping to coordinate the talks!”

The 5 myths of happiness

Building long lasting and meaningful relationships

“Thank you so much so helping to organise yesterday’s session, the feedback we have received has been incredible, so many positive comments. The speaker was brilliant, personally I also got a HUGE amount out of it and back on the floor it was such a positive vibe and your content really resonated.”

Mindfulness – I’ve heard of it but what is all the fuss about?

“A huge thank you as well for organizing such a great event last week. I think the topic was really well received and we had some very positive feedback, a selection of which is shown below:

    • Really interesting talk and wonderful speaker. It very much made me reflect on my own behaviour first. Thank you for organising it”
    • “An interesting insight to discrimination and prejudice in everyday life, with tips on how we can challenge others (as well as our own) prejudices”
    • “Another interesting and enjoyable session. Very thought provoking for me as to how I talk with/in front of my children about topics, people etc and has given me different ideas and methods on how to discuss things with my children going forward”.

Please do feel free to pass these comments onto the speaker with personal thanks from our sponsor and myself for running such an informative and thought-provoking session. I look forward to working with you again in the new year.”

Exploring and embracing diversity with our children

“I would like to thank you for arranging the bullying seminar yesterday. The session went very well and the feedback was very good; in particular people appreciated the speakers authority on the topic and practical advice. One of my colleagues from the organising committee had 3 people come up to her on the way back to her desk to say how much they enjoyed the session and could they get hold of a copy of the slides which is testament to how well received the session was.”

What parents need to know about bullying

“I have had very positive feedback from the Parents@xx members…essentially, men thought there were some incredibly valuable nuggets in the talk and lots of food for thought. We had a full room – so I am really pleased with that, we also had 20 mins of Q&A where half of the people who stayed (which was most) felt comfortable to ask questions… All in all – very pleased with how things went. Thank you! “

Fathering in the fast lane

We wanted to extend our warmest thanks for an excellent seminar today on emotional resilience attended by 120 people. You’ve left us with very pragmatic tools and techniques and the case studies and real life examples really brought this to life and made for a very enjoyable hour. Thanks also for opening up for an additional 30 minutes of Q&A for individuals’ personal questions. You have certainly prompted lots of positive debate here and we would warmly recommend this seminar to others.”

Helping children deal with life’s knocks – Fostering resilience

“Here are some comments received on Thursday post the workshop and quite unprecedented for us to receive this much direct feedback.

  • Many thanks for your webinar – it was phenomenal and a real relief in many respects that I was the only one and I wasn’t insane.
  • Very good session today, hope that we can have more!
  • Huge thanks for your help, advice and attachments, greatly appreciated.  I will absorb and digest. I’m delighted to say I put your technique into action last night and my eldest, responded brilliantly. Thank you so much.  
  • Great session this afternoon thank you for all the interesting scenarios and emotional coaching webinar.”

Conflict in the family – Avoiding battles, fighting clean and making repairs afterward

“The speaker was engaging. The talk was a helpful reminder of the key steps that we should all try to follow for better sleep…I thought this was a great, interactive session and very informative – highlighting some simple tools to kick start good habits. I will definitely be putting these straight into practice….Excellent both in content and presentation. Thank you.”

How to sleep well at night

“Feedback for Sharon as with Erika was consistently rated as excellent. The feedback forms show people really took on board the mindfulness aspect and the importance of not chasing balance.”

The busy trap and how to conquer it

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